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Make It Legal! | How To Get a Tennessee Marriage License

June 4, 2013

TN Marriage License

You’re getting married – congratulations! Besides all the fun planning, tastings, parties, and Pinteresting, you’ve also got to squeeze in getting your marriage license. We’ve compiled the steps and requirements here for you to make it a little easier!

What you’ll need:

– Valid government photo IDs (driver’s license, passport, etc)

– Social Security cards

– Cash payment (fees vary by county, but are $90-100 on average)

– Copy of divorce decree (if applicable)

BOTH parties must visit the county clerk, together, in person to apply for the license. No blood tests or waiting periods are required, but both parties must be eighteen years of age or older. Your license will be valid for 30 days for a marriage than can take place anywhere in the state of Tennessee. Your officiant must sign the documents, and a witness, and return them to the county clerk within three days of the ceremony.

Tennessee Marriage License

Helpful Tips!

– Make sure you decide with your officiant who will be responsible for mailing in the documents BEFORE the ceremony. Will they do it, or will they return the signed documents back to you or a family member to mail in? Don’t leave this to be decided during the busy wedding day!

– Do you need a copy of your signed documents for your honeymoon? Some cruises, resorts, etc. may require this, so make sure you check into your travel plans and make arrangements for copies if necessary.

– Want to save money on your license, spend some quality time with your honey, AND be better prepared for your marriage? Complete a certified marriage preparation course and this form, and you’ll receive $60 off your fee, which must be signed by the person who did the course for you.

Want to keep this info handy? Pin this helpful infographic your wedding Pinterest board!


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