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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Inspiration If You Need a Plan B During COVID-19

May 5, 2020
May 5, 2020

Does COVID-19 have you re-thinking your wedding plans? You’re not alone!

Maybe your plans have been put on hold. Or maybe everything that has happened simply has you reconsidering your priorities. Either way, chances are you are still in love and still want to make your commitment official and share that in some way with the people in your life who mean the most.

There are so many ways to make your wedding day special, even if it’s not how you originally planned. You can still have the celebration you’ve planned down the road, but make it official now with a simple outdoor wedding.

Here at CJ’s Off the Square, we know a thing or two about outdoor weddings and there are some trends and tips that we’ve learned over the years that might help.

So in no particular order, here are some of our favorite outdoor wedding ceremonies. Some of these were for small, intimate weddings. Some were for a romantic garden elopement. Others were for more traditional garden weddings with a reception to follow in our outdoor pavilion. No matter what size wedding you are planning, you can dream up an amazing ceremony look that perfectly reflects your style.

Feel free to pin any of these ceremony looks that speak to you!

Nashville Wedding Ceremony Venue


One of our favorite design elements for 2018 was pampas grass. This is the feathery, golden brown accent that you see in the image above. It catches the breeze and looks incredible in an outdoor setting. We also love a bold pop of color.  The combination of elements looks just as stunning in person as well as in photos! Big thanks to our friends at The Enchanted Florist for bringing this idea to life.



Nashville Garden Wedding Ceremony Venue


For this wedding ceremony, our gazebo took a break and we let the backdrop of our garden take center stage. Based on the couple’s religious and cultural traditions, the parents of the bride and groom sat next to the couple during the ceremony. We just LOVED this tradition and thought the gorgeous seating options from our friends at Southern Event Party Rental made a unique and elegant focal point.



Nashville Wedding Ceremony Venue

This asymmetrical beauty is all about balance. The strategic placement of burgundy blooms in the upper left draws the eye upward while the trailing honeysuckle and jasmine vines provide the perfect frame for our bride and groom as they stand in front of the gazebo for the wedding ceremony. Guests loved this look so much, many of them returned to the ceremony site to take their own pictures during the reception. Probably the most beautiful impromptu photo booth we’ve ever seen!



Romantic Nashville Wedding Ceremony Venue

As you know, planning your wedding in an outdoor setting has risks. Rain is probably the biggest concern of most of our clients. But we have to admit: Even though we are never thrilled to have rain on a wedding day, our back up plan is pretty darn awesome. One of our favorite ceremony looks comes from Alyssa + Thomas’ Rainy Day Romance. Our team was able to relocate the wedding ceremony under our pavilion so both the wedding party and their guests stayed nice and dry. The garden was still a stunning backdrop for the ceremony so even though it rained, this couple still had the outdoor wedding they had always dreamed up. Not bad for “plan B”!



Nashville Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venue


And last but not least was this stunning fall garden wedding ceremony design from our friends at The Enchanted Florist. You’ll notice the pampas grass is back and this time, it is paired with white king protea flowers for a ceremony with serious wow factor. The Jackson vine, champagne roses and magnolia leaves completed the look for this destination wedding that was loaded with the best boho vibes in Nashville.



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