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Meet the Pros | Blue Nova’s Link Tipton

September 1, 2011

I am: Link Tipton, Owner of Blue Nova Designs

We’re Known For: Scenic Design, Event Draping

What I do for fun (when I’m not doing a wedding): Hang with family, Write songs, Golf, Work, Watch Christmas movies….I’m serious, Christmas movies all year long. 🙂

Favorite Nashville Area Hang: Historic Franklin, the Theatre and festivals (Dickens, Pumpkinfest) as well as Gentry’s Farm!

What are your wedding related services? Transforming ceremonies and receptions by providing scenic enhancements, along with elegant draping, classy additives and visually compelling design.

What are some of your favorite new trends in event décor? I’m still a fan of 1940’s so I love the Hollywood glam feel.  To create this look, I like to uniquely use beaded crystals with vividly bright lighting elements textures and Austrian drapes.  Receptions at night provide an amazing canvas for scenic enhancements.

Specialty décor is often considered a luxury in a wedding budget. What elements do you suggest for couples who have to limit their options? Always consider the overall feeling of the venue.  Where are the  moments you can create the most “Wow Factor.”  For example, the entryway, cake table, dance floor, and head table.  You can also use draping to remove the visual obstructions and distractions.  When you find those spots put your money in those moments.  The moments may sound like small parts but they will end up playing a huge roll in the overall feel of the event.

How do you help a bride decide what the right look is for her wedding day? First by listening to her ideas and hopes.  Then at Blue Nova we always try to add in what has worked in the past, and mix it with something new and creative, making each wedding its own.  We like to feature the bride and groom, after all that is why everyone is there.  If we can provide a background visual to highlight the big day, along with creating the “Wow Factor”, then we have successfully performed our job.

What are some of your favorite shots from your CJ’s events? We love getting to use the “Grand Chandelier” at CJ’s.  We also love the disco ball dropping in the center of the chandelier.  I believe that this was CJ’s idea and it truly helped create a little more sparkle to the night!  I also love Nashville Event Lighting’s additives.


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